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This is Computerman, Inc.

Do you need to actually talk with someone about technology? I'm your guy. Computers and I go way back. My first experiences with a computer were in the late 1970's. Yep, I'm that old. Since then, I have built, repaired, connected, upgraded, cleaned, optimized, installed, saved, backed up, imaged, programmed, automated, simplified, documented, and perfected computers and the things they connect.
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Charles Babbage creates table-making machine in 1832.
Sometimes I will sell a computer, but more often I advise people of computers to buy. There is no reason for us to reinvent the wheel if all you need is standard computing. If you are not gaming or engineering, you just need a reliable off the shelf computer (a few upgrades wouldn't hurt).

Computer repairs have to be balanced against the low cost of replacement. Often I will retrieve data from a computer, but agree with the owner that repairs are not worth our time. And so, we look for a new computer and copy their backed up data to it.
Computer cleanups and/or new computer setups are common and improve speed.

Colossus becomes the first electric and programmable computer.

OnSite Service

Onsite service is expensive. It takes me away from making money elsewhere. Onsite labor is $90.00 an hour. If you live in the boonies it is $30.00 an hour travel time.

The first computer company was named Electronic Controls Company and was founded in 1949.

One Fine
clear day

Computerman was founded in 2013 in my old garage in Alabama. Moved into an office space in Alamosa in 2018, but a thief broke in and the landlord did not want to let me improve security. So now, Computerman is in Pueblo.

The first computer with RAM was invented March 8th of 1955 by MIT.

South Strab Park
St. Petersburg Florida

This is a cool fountain, pun intended, my aunt and I visited it this year (2019). There was a nice lady there with a skinned knee that took our picture.